Customer Services

Our customers are served as individuals, we recognize that your needs might differ, we therefore try to meet and understand your real needs for each new operation. Nevertheless our aim is to protect our clients interest by ensuring that the Quantity & Quality is fully delivered to the consignees. Over the years, we have been attending vessels to protect our principals interest always with the aim of rendering our services to the full professional ability and placing at the disposal of these principals our intemate knowledge of locations, local rules and regulations, conditions at the terminal and generally serving as and adviser to our clients and the ship's master, in order to avoid any unnecessary losses, delays, disputes and claims.

Our coordinating desk is located in Rotterdam, and is staffed with experienced professionals who will provide you with assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We pride ourselves in being able to provide with speed, an independent inspection service with such an in-depth knowledge and high standard. We provide you instantly upon completion of the operation with a fast electronic report, thereby allowing our clients to have all the information within the shortest time possible. Whatever your requirements might be, you know that when you appoint IPC to protect your interest, you have chosen the best and most experienced team in the industry. We pride ourselves in being able to provide an independent service of such high standard.


We use the latest state of the art equipment and we are actively involved in the technical development of the very latest analytical test and inspection techniques.

This is very important when you are involved in the purchase and the sale of petroleum products. The like hood of disputes arising between the buyer and the seller is greatly reduced when using these tools and norms. We are members of the Institute of Petroleum (IP) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This enables us to assure our clients of their products quality & Quantity at load port and disport.

Philosophy and background

Our philosophy is to approach each ship, each new casualty or loss as a new problem where through our experience appropriate tests and procedures are followed to meet our Principals requirements, demands and to solve their problems.

Backbone of our services is following industrial standards:

  • IMO guidelines and publications  Solas 1992 Edition  IBC code  BCH code  ICG code  BC code of safe practice for solid bulk cargoes  International Grain code
  • United Nations Standards and procedures for the performance of draught surveys
  • OCIMF / ICS inspection guidelines
  • I.P. / ASTM / ISO cargo survey sampling and analysis standards